Sunday, February 1, 2009


Anthony at HiSpeedCustoms in Tucson stepped up and gave my '64fl a fresh look- tore the bike down for me. Repainted the frame fenders tanks gloss black. Jugs were redone with a portion of the fins in flat black. Wiring was tweaked, subtle refinements were performed on the fuel lines. 4speed tranny was reconditioned by George (Spartan Frameworks) Counes!

Anthony & George collaborated on the design of the exhaust system. Fitment of this arrangement was quite a challenge. I wanted rid of the hodge-podge assembly of 15 or so pieces that were clamped and sleaved together that rattled, required constant tightening and adjustements... this new exhaust feature 2 solid continuous pieces; a right side & a left side. Creating this set up proved to be a real test. Fabricating, bends, handforming the high quality stainless required serious skills.